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Hinterhaus Distilling

Hinterhaus North Grove Vodka

Hinterhaus North Grove Vodka

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Vodka distilled from grapes handcrafted using pure Sierra Nevada water

40% ALC./VOL.  |  80 PROOF  |  750ML

We distill our vodka using the fresh Sierra Nevada water of our surroundings and 100% California grapes. Partnering with nearby vintners to source wine that they do not intend to bottle, we distill it while taking careful heart cuts. This methodical process retains delicate floral aromas with an opulent palate that is equally at home on the rocks as it is in classic cocktails. Gently nose this vodka while taking a breath before allowing it to hit the tongue and envelope the senses. The fruit distillation of this vodka makes for especially good lemon drops, cosmos, and Moscow mules.

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