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Hinterhaus Distilling

Hinterhaus Trapper's Oath Rye - Aged 18 Years

Hinterhaus Trapper's Oath Rye - Aged 18 Years

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Straight rye whiskey finished in stout beer barrels - AGED 18 YEARS

49% ALC./VOL.  |  98 PROOF  |  750ML

When the opportunity for great adventure comes along, we don’t shy away from it. Trapper’s Oath is the result of one such chosen journey in which we worked with a Canadian rye whiskey that was aged extensively. Bringing the barrels to our Sierra Nevada mountain perch, we finished the whiskey in stout beer casks that originally aged our Hinterhaus bourbon whiskey. Its exceptionally long aging time creates a complex whiskey that exhibits classic rye spice upfront that develops into a creamy and slightly bitter middle before giving way to a lingering chocolate-covered-espresso-bean conclusion. As always, we present this whiskey naturally (non-chill filtered and no color added) to keep the integrity of this extraordinary rye whiskey.

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